We have again enjoyed great SATs results at St Mary’s – putting us in the Top 1% of schools nationally for Attainment and Progress by the end of KS2.


We have enjoyed another year of great SATs Results. We are in the top 1% of all schools nationally for Attainment and Progress in KS2 Reading and Writing.


At St Mary’s we learn our phonics in a fun and active way. We have 20 minutes phonics sessions every day and enhance this further by splitting our EYFS and KS1 classes into smaller groups, so all children can have focused and targeted support to help them achieve their best.


Our teaching of RE enables children to extend their own sense of values and promotes their spiritual growth and development. We encourage the children to reflect on their own views in relation to the themes covered in the curriculum.

Creative Curriculum

At St Mary’s we aim to deliver the National Curriculum in a fun, inspiring and inclusive way, whilst also ensuring our Christian values are at the heart of everything we do.


Here at St Mary’s we aim to develop a curiosity about the world we live in, developing our children’s questioning and investigative thinking, as we bring Science to life.

Reading Recovery

St. Mary’s has demonstrated its commitment to raising children’s achievement in literacy by setting up a Reading Recovery programme. Reading Recovery is a well-established and researched intervention schemed designed by Marie Clay for Y1 and Y2 children who are experiencing reading difficulties.


Technology surrounds us in our everyday lives and at St Mary’s we believe that a good computing capability is an essential skill for life. Used safely and correctly, it can enable children to take an active part in their learning, open up many new wonderful avenues to them in all subjects and eventually allow them to fully participate in a rapidly changing world.


At St Mary’s we recognise that music is very much part of everyday life and can be a life-long passion for some people.We demonstrate a commitment to Music through our use of a dedicated teacher who works in our school to deliver music.


At St Mary’s we believe that learning a foreign language gives children an opportunity to broaden their horizons, stretch their thinking and provide them with a wonderful social and cultural experience. All of our children in years 3 to 6 learn Spanish through listening, speaking, role-playing, singing songs and through playing games.


At St Mary’s we believe it is important that as children grow and develop, they understand the importance of physical activity in developing and maintaining their health and well-being. We provide a full curriculum that supports pupils to become physically confident, reinforce health and fitness and develop individual talent.

Art and Design

At St. Mary’s School we believe that teaching and learning in art is important because it stimulates creativity, imagination and inventiveness. The purpose of art education is to give pupils the skills, concepts and knowledge necessary for them to express responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form. It fires their imagination and is a fundamental means of personal expression.


At St Mary’s we know it is important for the children to have an opportunity to discuss and reflect on their thoughts and feelings. Every week we have ‘circle time’, we provide a chance for everyone to sit in a circle, so that everyone can be seen, and take turns to share and discuss our ideas as a class.