St Mary's CofE Primary School


The aim of St Mary's is to safeguard and promote children’s welfare, safety, health and guidance by fostering an honest, open, caring and supportive climate. The children’s welfare is of paramount importance.

 In order to protect and support children there will be an emphasis on:

  • Prevention through a positive and open atmosphere, teaching and pastoral support to students
  • Protection through following agreed procedures, ensuring staff are appropriately recruited, trained and supported to respond appropriately and sensitively to Child Protection concerns
  • Support for children who may have been abused

Safeguarding leads

At St Mary's there is a Designated Safeguarding Leader (DSL) and a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader (DDSL) who are responsible for ensuring that child protection and safeguarding concerns are handled sensitively, professionally and in ways which support the needs of the child.


DSL                    Laura Mayende, Head of School;  Anthony David, Executive Head Teacher

DDSL:                Lucy Courtney Diggins, Assistant Head/SENCO


If you would like any more information or would like to speak with either the DSL or DDSL, please contact the school office on 0207 359 1870.

All staff have read and comply with the updates on the current Keeping Children Safe in Education.

Islington Safeguarding Children's Partnership

All Local Authorities have a partnership between three main agencies:

  • Local Authority (Education and Social Services)
  • Health
  • Police

These organisations work together supporting children and families.

The Islington Partnership has a really helpful website that offers a wide range of services and resources to support children, families and professionals:

Safeguarding Partnership